Yung Chi relocated and expanded the factory, and started utilizing automated production equipment. The second factory was built in 2011.
For three decades, we have been famous for O-RING and packing in the industry. We focus on OEM production and mold development. Precise production and inspection equipment is used to manufacture high-quality rubber products.
Our company has been certified to ISO-9001 Quality Management System since 2009. Our materials meet the requirements of international environmental regulations such as NSF, WRAS, REACH, FDA, PAHs, ASTM, and JIS. We are willing to provide related physical property reports

Production Equipment


• Grinding machine
• CNC milling machines

Rubber Manufacture

• Dispersion Kneader
• Rubber mixing mill
• Cutting Machine
• Vaciim Vulcanizer
• Convection Cabinet Ovens
• High-Speed Deflashing Machine

Quality Control

• Curing Curves
• Automated Optical inspection
• Mirco-Vu 3D Vision Measure
• UPT machine for dimensional control
• hardness tester

Automated Optical inspection

UPT machine for dimensional control

Curing Curves

Mirco-Vu 3D Vision Measure

hardness tester

VALUES What values do Yung Chi provide to our customers?
  • Top-notch rubber molds design by providing the highest specifications and quality to our customers.
  • All O-rings are manufactured in accordance with international standards:
    (Europe)ISO3601 (USA)AS568A (Germany)DIN3771 (Japan)JIS B2401 A variety of material formulations are available
    for customers to choose,Other rubber parts are also available.
  • Suitable and well known raw material suppliers to guarantee the product basic quality.
  • Our company has been certified to ISO-9001 Quality,Products are certified by ROHS& REACH.compound per your specification or ASTM D200 call out.
  • Wide range of O-Ring hardness from 30 to 90 duro, Yung Chi offer compound to meet Shore A.
  • External Lubricants & Coatings on O-Ring surface for your assembly (PTFE coating, Silicone fluid, MoS2, talcum powder, Silicone polymer based coating).
  • Well O-Ring surface especially in parting line.
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