O Ring Kits Manufacturer

O-Ring Kit Box

The O ring kits are mainly used in the  auto,machines,air-conditioner,furniture and home appliance, They are very popular in USA, west European  Middle East, North Africa etc. Also, We can develop any color, sizes and materials as your requirements. OEM and produce according to the drawing.
Please don't be hesitate to contact us if you are interested in anyone of them.


Model : O-RING KIT 18- 006

Model : O-RING KIT 14 X 2-18

Model : O-RING KIT 18-010

Model : O-RING KIT HNBR-18

Model : O-RING KIT AS568 INCH 5A

Model : PG-382PCS 5B

Model : O-RING KIT 3X2

Model : 7A-407PCS 7A

Model : 3x1-394PCS 3X18B